Yes, it’s Pokemon Stadium! The original Pokemon console game! Made for the N64, it was a great success.

Why so successful?

New Style

Never before had the Pokemon world seen such a new style of battling. Stadium is the ‘big daddy’ to all the Pokemon Console games, such as Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon Colosseum, and even Pokemon XD. The way you battle inside a stadium, with your Pokemon was such a new concept!
Fast Gameplay
Being a game without all the fancy special effects the modern games have, it was damn fast! Compared to Pokemon Battle Revolution, it’s a Racing Car! Now, no-one really knew how fast it was, back then, but now people people see why it’s so great! That’s a big tick for enjoyment!

Amazing Battling

The way you had your Pokemon out, ready to battle, it’s just such a thriller. Because it’d never been seen before, people didn’t know how to comprehend what to do! Everyone had a great time, though. The style of battling is now in many games, but Pokemon Stadium was the first.

Just because the game is great, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing that is wrong with it, or something that could have been improved.
What was wrong?


I admit it, the graphics are shocking. Being an old game, there’s no way they could have put in thef eatures we see in the other, modern games. None-the-less, it’s still a game, and that brought it down to it’s knees.
The N64 is a pretty bad console, and that directly effected the way people viewed Pokemon Stadium. With all the glitches, and bad design, everything went down, down, down. Fortunately, not too far.

Seeing as there’s a pretty equal side of things, should you buy it? Would I buy it?

Should you buy it?

If you happen to have a Nintendo 64, yes. It’s got great games, fairly good graphics and is pretty fun – but if you don’t have an N64, then don’t even bother.

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