Ruby and Saphire

he turning point of Poke-technology – Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. These games marked the turning point from the old, glitchy games of the first and second generation into a world of visual enlightenment, interactivity, and FUN!

B R I L L I A N T!


This was never seen before, and to many people, it was AMAZING! Rather than damage your opponent, you actually appeal with attacks! Whilst in a contest, you compete to gain the most appeal points, without losing points from certain attacks. How fun!
There was a HUGE leap in graphic design, from Pokemon G/S/C, to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Things became more 3-d. Everything was more realistic. Now people could really relate to the game, and enjoy it!

New Pokemon

Over 100 new Pokemon were added, to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. With them came new attacks! This was a major improvement for the Pokemon Fan Base, as ever loved what they saw! New Pokemon + New Attacks = New Fans!

Well, you must be thinking it was flawless. In fact, the games were so beautiful nobody noticed the flaws at first. But nothing is perfect, and these games follow that meaning…
Nothing is perfect…

No Day/Night

Although everyone expected the traditions from G/S/C to carry on, but in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, there was no swap between light levels, or different stages of the day. So, unfortunately, people had to play on, with a less realistic game.
No Animated Sprites
Why oh why didn’t Nintendo make animated sprites?! That would have made the game much better. Really, if something turns up, it tends to move. Yet again, the Pokemon Fan Base is let down.

Unable to trade with G/S/C

This was devasting to many Pokemon fans. All we wanted was to trade our Pokemon to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire! Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible, with the different Mechanics in both games. So we played on, missing our 2nd Generation of Pokemon…

I guess you see everything is pretty level, eh? Well, it’s time for the showdown. The bit where I place my case!


I, personally, would not buy it at this point in time. If you have a copy – great! – but if you don’t, don’t buy it. Emerald, the revamp and merge of these two games, features not only the features of Ruby and Sapphire, but many new and better ones as well! So if you’re looking to enjoy the Hoenn experience, buy Emerald instead.

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