Red and blue

Well well well, the very first Pokemon games. Ever. But was it as good as it’s later counterparts? Was it possibly as glitchy as Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl?

Innovative Side

First Pokemon Game
Eh, this is really one good thing about Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. They were the first Pokemon games. So naturally, all the features were new. Therefore, everything is Unique!
Many features
As mentioned, there were many features in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Using HMs to travel the land, items to help you. Money to buy things. Badges to show skill. The list goes on!


The main part of the Pokemon games. But what is it? Basically, you use attacks to hurt your opponent. Once they recieve too much damage, they faint. Once that happens, you go on until a trainer has no Pokemon left. With a max of 6 per team, this can be quite a challenge!

Now from what you can see, it’s pretty cool, eh? But what about the bad side?


Way Too Many Glitches
As amusing as it is, seeing how many glitches there is in a game, it isn’t that funny when your game dies on itself, because it was glitched too far up.
Shocking Graphics
Despite the great gameplay, the graphics are as good as my grandma’s hearing. Yeah, it’s not that much of a deal, but really, it distracts me when I’m playing. I just move to FireRed.


As mentioned before, if you use glitches, you risk losing the game. Unlike modern games, there’s no safety feature to prevent file corruption. That really means the game could have been more stable.

Is the first Pokemon game worth buying? What do I think?

A Worthy Investment?

At this day and age, simply, no. The time for Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue has already passed. These games reached their zenith many years ago, and it doesn’t seem to be rising. None-the-less, they’re still great games, and if you have a copy, look after it!

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