Hang on! This isn’t Stadium! But what is it? Oh yes, of course! It must be Pokemon Colosseum? Yes, it is, for sure. Some people have heard of this game, but don’t really understand it, or the goals of it. But for those who do, it’s great! So what’s this game all about? What marks it out? What gives it a bad name, aswell?

Goodness Factor!

I’ve seen many games that are similar to Stadium, but this is different. There is something so original about it. Although you battle in a Stadium like manner, you can snag Pokemon, meaning that you keep them! But aswell as that, the choice between RPG mode and Colosseum Battling is very unique!
Snag Legendaries
This is the missing link. Usually, Pokemon such as Lugia and Ho-oh are unavailable in the GBA games, but Pokemon Colosseum changes all that! Once you snag the Legendary, just swap it over! Enjoy your time!


Finally, a game that doesn’t repeat itself over and over again! Because you swap between RPG and Colosseum modes, there’s a longer gameplay, which, in turn, keeps you interested for longer. Things don’t repeat as much, other than the battling concept.



For the younger players, this game can be quite a challenge to master. Yes, sometimes it’s good for a challenge, but for some children, a hard game is a disincentive to play. And we all know what that means, don’t we?
Un-catchable Pokemon
Despite being the game considered to be the catching dream, there are some Pokemon that can’t be captured. That means you need multiple games to get them all. Shame, isn’t it?

Final Decision

Pokemon Colosseum is a great game. Enough said. If you have a GameCube, then you should try and get Pokemon Colosseum. If not, then you’re missing out on a great game. And if that happens, you may need a new best friend, who has a GameCube, eh?

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