Eevee’s Headquarters is not an information site, nor a new site. It’s a community and game site, where you can have fun, make friends, play games, and read the occasional design/coding guide. We do, however, have some strategy guides; almost all of them by our dear friend chester, whom, after closing his website (Pokelives Network), gave us all his content.
None of these guides are written in the regular manner. They don’t walk you through the game, they don’t give you the stats, and generally don’t give you many tips. They are written as short information guides for those who would like to learn more about the games, and hopefully, can help some of the people who read them to decide whether or not to purchase the games.

Our other strategy guides are very unique – again, almost all created by chester. They present the Pokemon world in a whole new manner, dealing with statistics, EVs, natures, and the technical side of Pocket Monsters. Want to learn how to battle with precision? Is your beloved Charizard too slow to hit his opponents with Fire Blast? Is Fire Blast even a good move for a Pokemon with max defense? Read our guides to find out!

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